Hello, internauts! My name is Daytona and it looks like you've just stumbled upon my personal website! This place is where all of my creative output, be it mastery or vomit, GOES!!! I also made it to further pin down a sort of aesthetic for myself, improve my web design skills, and serve as a sort of safe haven of mine from the awful social media websites of the modern day (yuck.) Just about whoever you are, I really hope you enjoy your stay and find everything you need to in my neck of the woods!

And if you have anything to scream and cry at me about, talk to me! I love you and I'd be happy to chat!! Have lots and lots of fun, and if you're looking for something else, maybe it could be FizzyPepper Games, the website for my game development startup, where I promote and store my video games (be them released already or not!) Click on the fizzy pepper in the top-right corner to venture off, and please remember, both websites are best viewed on a computer monitor!!! ❤

Feed / Updates!

Hey, sorry there's not so much here yet! It's just because our adventures on these new horizons are just starting! As I start getting used to this, though, it's probably gonna be updating a lot more often!